Walking in Montenegro

Rachel Allen

25th November 2017 • Our Films, Tours

Here’s a short film about one of our favourite offbeat European destinations, Montenegro.

A short blurb about the tour

Montenegro may be one of the world’s smallest countries and yet it is undoubtedly also one of its most beautiful. Only two-thirds the size of Wales, the country’s diversity is absolutely striking. From Europe’s deepest canyon to some of its wildest mountains, Montenegro also claims a dramatic coastline to rival anything you will have seen before. Proud to have been the only country in the region to have successfully defended itself against the might of the Ottoman Empire, Montenegro has a truly unique culture.

From its mountain-top fortresses and medieval walled cities to its remote villages and varied cuisine, Montenegro is an exciting new destination that offers not only some magnificent walking but also an insight into a lifestyle most of Europe abandoned centuries ago. Things will be sure to change, but for now, Montenegro’s multi-faceted charms still largely remain a secret. Be amongst the first to discover this true gem.

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