Vasyl – Carpathian Cheese Maker

Rachel Allen

30th November 2017 • Featured, Meet The Locals

In this film we meet Vasyl, a traditional cheesemaker in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine.

In August, Wild Frontiers’ video producer George joined our Ukraine & Moldova: Europe’s Wild Frontier group tour. One of his favourite parts of the trip was having the chance to get to know the locals and learn more about their traditional way of life.

The group visited Sheshory on day five of the tour, and George took the opportunity to talk to cheesemaker Vasyl about his work and life in the Carpathians. Vasyl lives up in the hills from May to September with the boys that help him with his work, and the cheese they make is given to the owners of the cows, with the remainder being sold to tourists.

He showed George the stages of this traditional process which has been unchanged for hundreds of years, and talked about his life in the Ukraine.

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