Oman Desert Adventure

Jonny Bealby

24th November 2017 • Our Films, Tours

Take a look at this exciting adventure as it runs from the Hajjar Mountains, through the Wahiba Sands, along the Arabian coast to the epic Empty Quarter.

A short blurb about the tour

Oman is one of Arabia’s true gems Рa land of rugged coastlines and vast deserts where tradition and progress go hand in hand. This wonderful adventure takes us from the heart of its picturesque capital, deep into mountains and deserts of the Bedu and the old Omani Imamate.

We will take in the breathless landscapes of the Hajar Mountains and the shifting sands of Wahiba, explore the old forts of Jabrin and Nizwa and journey into the vast emptiness of the Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter. It is a journey of incredible contrasts, following in the footsteps of the pioneering explorers of old and taking in some of the richest natural and cultural highlights that Arabia has to offer.

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