More Than Bread

Michael Pullman

18th December 2017 • Films We Like

“More than Bread…” depicts the process of making Uzbek bread, locally known as ‘Lepyoshka’ or “flat bread”.

The short film “More than Bread…” was produced by Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) students Photo Club, an extra-curricular student-led club, with the help of WIUT colleagues in the Multimedia Studio. WIUT has built up a strong tradition of engaging with the cultural and social environment of Tashkent and Uzbekistan, using extra-curricular activities like photography and filmmaking. WIUT was established in 2002, but 15 years later is now considered the best university in Uzbekistan, and sets the trend for the development of Higher Education in Central Asia.

“More than Bread…” depicts the process of making Uzbek bread, locally known as ‘Lepyoshka’ or “flat bread”.  Lepyoshka has been made in the same way since ancient times and as such is the embodiment of Uzbek culture.  For Uzbek people this bread is more than food, it is a ‘must have’ at any meal and an indispensable element of the Uzbek ‘dastarkhan’ (table).  This bread is regarded to be part of the fabric of Uzbek culture and the respect for this bread, made in the traditional way, is passed from generation to generation.

The film can also be read as a short pictorial story that portrays the love and respect existing in a local community, commonly referred to as “the Mahala”, where the bread is made by local bakers and sold fresh early each morning by bicycle sellers.  With its simple cinematography and attention to detail, the film creates a romantic atmosphere that will surely stimulate your senses and encourage you to go see for yourself the beautiful culture of Uzbekistan.

This film was screened in London on 11 October 2017 at the Regent Street Cinema as part of an Uzbek Film Festival hosted by the University of Westminster in celebration of the 15th anniversary of its partnership with Westminster International University in Tashkent.

The “More than Bread…” filmmaking team are profiled below:

Ulugbek Meylikov

A professional photographer with more than 10-years of experience in the field of photography, Ulugbek has been the head of the WIUT Photo Club since 2015. He has been a participant of international and regional exhibitions and creator of high profile projects, such as “Disappearing city”, “Portrait of contemporary”.

He has also been involved in movie projects: “Hey-Hey Girls (Хай-хай кизалок)” and “Under the rain (Ёмгир остида)”, and he has been the Photo-Designer of photo almanac “Kitab Geological Reserve”.

Avazbek Ergashev

I am twenty years old, and studying BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems at WIUT. I grew up a little town in Andijan. I have been participating in the WIUT Photo Club for two years, and have been interested in photography for more than five years. I have contributed to several photographic projects during my studies. We have shot a short video about bread called “More Than Bread”, and I have submitted my works on WIUT Photo Exhibition 2017, which is held annually in House of Photography. I hope that audiences appreciate my photographic works and I plan to continue taking photos and making films after my graduation.

Abbos Najmiddinov

I am nineteen years old and studying for my Certificate in International Foundation Studies at WIUT. I have been interested in photography since my childhood, and have been involved in WIUT Photo Club for two years. I have submitted my works to several exhibitions at the University and outside the university as well.

Kamoliddin Nishonov

Kamoliddin is a key member of the WIUT Multimedia Studio team, working as photo and video camera operator. He has created numerous promotional videos of WIUT and each year, by taking photos of graduates, makes the WIUT graduation event a memorable day in the life of WIUT students and their families. Additionally, the British Embassy in Uzbekistan awarded him the honour of organizing a video transmission of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebration.

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