Kalimathi – The Spicy Breakfast Queen

George Jefferies

30th May 2018 • Meet The Locals, Our Films

Idly are a type of savoury rice cake popular as a breakfast snack in southern India and Sri Lanka. You find Idly stalls all over southern India and Sri Lanka.

In this Meet the Locals video, we spend a typical day with Kalimathi, who runs her own Idly stall in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

(On seeing this video we recieved a lovely message from Kalimathi’s daughter)

‘My dear George, I am very exciting to see you making my mom video. My mom is always happy to see see our video…. Very nice edit…. My friend thanks for you……very very thankful u show my mom life very thank you dear George……. 

           Thanksgiving this video….. 

         ….thanks so much…. 

Which tickled us pink!

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