Communicating Through Whistling in The Mountains of Eastern Turkey

For three centuries, farmers living in the remote mountains of northern Turkey have communicated great distances by whistling. …

7th October 2020 • Films We Like
Ethiopia Blue Nile Falls

Exploring Ethiopia

We had wanted to explore Ethiopia for years since we knew it to be one of the oldest, …

30th April 2020 • Films We Like

Saffron Farmer of Kashmir

Here is a fascinating short film about a saffron farmer in Kashmir

3rd February 2019 • All, Films We Like

Ted Danson talks Southeast Asia with us on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In December 2018 Ted Danson, his wife, Mary Steamburgen, and two friends, travelled to Southeast Asia with Wild …

16th January 2019 • Featured, Our Films, Films We Like

Ethiopia – The World’s Toughest Commute

In the remote mountains of northern Ethiopia, a lone priest scales a 250m cliff each day to reach …

5th March 2018 • All, Films We Like

Mountain Glimpses: Tien Shan, Himalaya, Caucasus, Patagonia

This video features some of our favourite mountain ranges, including the Tien Shan (Mountains of Heaven) in Kyrgyzstan, …

9th February 2018 • Films We Like

Sleep the 3 Peaks

In this inspiring film writer and adventurer, Phoebe Smith, spends Christmas sleeping on the summit of Britain’s three …

17th January 2018 • All, Films We Like

More Than Bread

“More than Bread…” depicts the process of making Uzbek bread, locally known as ‘Lepyoshka’ or “flat bread”. The …

18th December 2017 • Films We Like

The Longest Way

The Longest Way is a very clever photographic recount of Christoph Rehage’s walk through China over the course …

26th November 2017 • Films We Like

Rajan the Swimming Elephant

Although now sadly passed away, Rajan, the swimming elephant of the Andaman Islands, certainly made his mark. In …

24th November 2017 • Featured, Films We Like

The Senior Sophomore

This is a wonderful film, made by Shira Pinson, about someone who is probably the oldest school kid …

24th November 2017 • Featured, Films We Like