Travel Guide To Guatemala

The Colourful Characters of Guatemala I first visited Guatemala almost exactly 30 years ago. Heading towards the border …

12th February 2020 • Our Films, Travel Guides

Gorillas in Africa’s Midst: Kate Humble in the Congo

In October 2017 Jonny travelled to Central Africa with broadcaster Kate Humble and cameraman Andy Thompson to make …

24th November 2017 • All, Featured, Our Films

Uzbekistan with Benedict Allen

British explorer and adventurer, Benedict Allen, journeys across Uzbekistan. He delves into the country’s history and landscapes, from …

28th February 2018 • All, Featured

Rajan the Swimming Elephant

Although now sadly passed away, Rajan, the swimming elephant of the Andaman Islands, certainly made his mark. In …

24th November 2017 • Featured, Films We Like

Communicating Through Whistling in The Mountains of Eastern Turkey

For three centuries, farmers living in the remote mountains of northern Turkey have communicated great distances by whistling. …

7th October 2020 • Films We Like

The Senior Sophomore

This is a wonderful film, made by Shira Pinson, about someone who is probably the oldest school kid …

24th November 2017 • Featured, Films We Like

Travel Guide to Uzbekistan

Travel guide to the country at the heart of Asia, the heart of the Silk Road – Uzbekistan.

5th June 2018 • Travel Guides

Travel Guide to Colombia

Arriving into a country for the first time is always exciting, carrying as it does an air of …

12th March 2019 • All, Featured, Travel Guides

Travel Guide to Madagascar

In this travel guide Jonny explains about travelling around Madagascar, from the capital, Antananarivo, to the far southwest …

3rd March 2018 • All, Featured, Travel Guides

Webinar: Secrets of Saudi Arabia

Watch our webinar as Director of Product and Operations Marc Leaderman talks about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, …

1st December 2020 • Webinars

Webinar: Wild Walks in Offbeat Europe

Jonny talks through our walking trips in Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

21st January 2021 • Webinars